Set backs and steps forward.

This morning I had my first minor step-back in my otherwise positive start to the new year:

Last night we took the kids to the movies as a sort of “Last-herrah” before school started back up today.

During dinner I didn’t feel very hungry, then on the drive to the theater I got my first hints of a soar throat.  By the time our “Night at the Museum” was over I was sure.  I’m getting a cold.

(I had just been talking to my favorite sister on the phone about how sick-free my winter has been.  Go figure. I had even knocked on the wooden-table after I said those words to her.  Allow me to drop some knowledge on you guys:  Superstitions don’t work. Boom.)

This morning, my alarm went off early and I immediately turned it off, rolled over and went right back to sleep.  I had tossed and turned all night as my nose and throat burned and closed up, so I was TIRED.

At 7:30 I startled awake, ran to the kitchen, and immediately began screaming, “CYCLONE! GET YOUR CLOTHES ON RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT NOW!!! HURRY, COME HAVE BREAKFAST!!  WE GOT NO TIME!!”

I continued to yell until I twisted around and noticed that my sweet-boy was already dressed, and waiting patiently for his toast.  Luckily I’d packed his lunch and backpack after the movie last night so—momentary panic aside—the morning wasn’t so bad.

Not a perfect return to school, but it coulda been worse.

The set back is simply that I’m sick.

I have so many plans for this year and being sick just doesn’t really fit in.

Luckily, most of the goals I had for today didn’t involve leaving home or getting dressed.

Things like laundry,

Replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors,

Making calls about trying to move my mother’s piano from my dad’s house to mine.  (Yikes!)

I even organized our mudroom and hung up some hooks:

Now I just have to clean up the messy aftermath:

(You organize one space, you mess up another.)

The rest of today is dedicated to picking up that pile and then organizing the office.

I am sick, which is a bummer, but I am still chipping away at my list.

Small measurable goals–lots of things to celebrate.

Tiny steps in my year of Jubilee.

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