I want to buy all the things!!!

Yesterday my little-love and I managed to escape the house to take a small trip into my office.

While leaving work, the air felt so good, (it has been lightly raining here, my favorite weather) and we’ve been cooped up inside for so long, (we are all sick) so I asked my little-girl if she wanted to walk around main street a little.

The downtown area of my city is so sweet.  There are statues on every corner, the sidewalks are wide, and the stores are just darling.

We walked in and out of a few different places before we got to the antique store.  I fully intended to walk through the displays and then head back out, but something fantastic caught my eye.

10922647_10152710652744037_275613030726298060_nI have a little gallery of plates on my wall.

It has gone through a few different stages already and I’m not exactly trying to add to it, but yesterday I saw a few things that I just couldn’t pass up.

The first thing was this plate with a little New Mexico map on it:

I’m telling you, this plate was meant to live in my house.

First of all, the colors are perfect for me.  I LOVE the gold edge, the shape, the teal and blue.

But what I REALLY adore is:

Not only does this plate have the name of the town we first lived in as a married couple, but it also has our last name.

My husbands grrrrrreat-grandfather, like 7 generations back, was named James Hobbs and he settled and founded the town of Hobbs, New Mexico.

(This is why all the men on my husband’s side are named James)

So, basically we are royalty.

I grabbed this plate and immediately took it to the counter, bored the girl working with that story, and got back to shopping.

I figured I should REALLY look around more.  I mean, if I’m buying one thing I should probably buy a few other things to make it worth it. . . right?

And it didn’t take me long.

I found this plate:

Which immediately made me think of my sister, (who has a thing for strawberries) but also of these old tin play-plates that I used to play with for hours, (I think they were my cousins).  Anyhow, I LOVE it.  Makes me very nostalgic.

and just when I thought I was done, as I was walking back up to the counter with my new find I stumbled upon this beauty:

Which I have BIG plans for.

Yay for shopping!!

I love decorating this house, I love my sweet downtown and it’s beautiful shops, I love it all!!

I want to buy all the things!!!

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  1. Betsy says:

    love it!

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