A little tour of all my luckiness…

My favorite Christmas gift was a tie between my custom made paddle board:

(I am so crazy excited about this!!)

And a GORGEOUS swing crafted by my favorite baby-brother, T-bone (aka Stephen).

(Awe, look at that punim.)

I picked this photo because it shows T-bone, with his nephews, on his wedding day, next to one of his original signs.  (This is a sign he made for his wedding to help people find their way . . . we live in the boonies.)

I actually stole one of his wedding signs:

Yup, I stole a bathroom sign from my brother’s wedding, cause I’m classy like that.

ANYHOW! For our Christmas present our littlest brother, with help from his gorgeous and design-savy wife, made everyone in the family the most beautiful, perfect swings.

I absolutely LOVE it.  I love the font, I love the sentiment, I love it all.

I just wish I had somewhere to put it.

For now it is sitting front and center on my fireplace mantle.  Someday soon I hope to build a pergola in our backyard and then this piece of gorgeous fun will find a new home there.

While taking these photos this morning I started walking around the house taking pictures of every creation I have received from my brother.  Like this box:

Look at that dove-tailing!!  So Gorgeous!!

I keep our remotes in this box.  It should probably hold something much fancier, but it makes me feel kinda high-brow.

This Christmas I commissioned T-bone to craft this hanger for my husbands new/very old guitar.

This guitar belonged to my husband’s very beloved Papaw so Adam truly cherishes it.  Did you notice the rubber-bands?  Adam is not taking any chances with this beauty.

And then there’s this beautiful chest:

I asked for a toy-box and this is what he made.

I mean, wow!

How spoiled am I?

I ask for things and T-bone just cranks em out.

So, SO lucky.

See that frame, yup. . . he made that too.

I have a handful of new project ideas for him too.  And I need to get as much in as I can, cause in a few short months he is going to be a brand new father.

And Lord knows our productivity tends to dissipate once we have our babies.

Thank you for making my home so BEAUTIFUL T-bone!!  I love you!!

Now make me something like this.

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One Response to A little tour of all my luckiness…

  1. Betsy says:

    I love the rubber bands, made me smile. I love my brother so much. Love you too Trina 🙂 You all have quite a beautiful life.

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