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Practice what you preach: Time to choose Joy.

I recently wrote a post about trusting what you know over how you feel. So, here is me practicing what I preach. I feel like I will never be healthy again.  Oh, how I miss being healthy! I feel like maybe the appendectomy was my fault … Continue reading

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whelp, 2015 is definitely keeping me on my toes…

For lent, I decided to give up my appendix. Beat that, suckas!!! Last week I had lunch at school with my son, and around 2 that afternoon I knew something was wrong but I decided it must be a simple … Continue reading

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If these shoes could talk…

I’ve heard it said that you can tell a lot about a boy by the look of his shoes. . . If these shoes could talk they’d tell you a story of boyhood and lessons, Of skateboards, and bikes.  Of … Continue reading

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a list…

Speaking of things to celebrate: Husband’s who know how to juggle, and daughters who challenge them to juggle even more. Childhood piano’s in your grown up home. Sons who like to practice their “greater than, less than” math with cutie-oranges … Continue reading

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so, how’re you doing?

I’ve been having a LOT of conversations lately. Frankly. . . I’m exhausted. I’ve learned a lot, in someways I’m more at peace, in other ways I’m even more shaken-up. The good news:  I am being forced, FINALLY, to face … Continue reading

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The subtle lie.

I have a lot to say. I have a lot of emotions and thoughts. I’ve been yelling at the faces of just about anyone who is willing to listen, (poor Adam). (Ever get the feeling that something small is about … Continue reading

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Celebrating before the shizznet hits the fan…

I HAD A WEEKEND. Oh man. . . did I have a weekend. And it’s a WHOLE big thing. And I am going to write it all down because it is definitely something that has to be dealt with. But … Continue reading

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