2015 so far…

Welp. . . in a some ways 2015 has been stellar, and in some ways it’s been ROUGH.

The down-side of January was that we were SICK.

We all got cruddy-nasty-yuckiness.

(My poor babies with honey and potato slices on their eyes to try and defeat a rough case of pink-eye.  We slept like this, all three of us in Little-Love’s bed.  It’s been a rather sleepless month.)

And I wish I could say it was all behind us, but alas.

It’s not.

My babies still wake-up coughing, this morning I have a pounding headache, the hubby still has lingering chest congestion.

Not ideal.

At this point I’m burning sage and calling witch doctors. . . kinda.

Actually I just dropped a small fortune on essential oils and am defusing non-stop in every room.

I’ll try anything at this point.

I kinda pride myself on my abilities to create a safe, comfortable, relaxing space for my family.  I believe that it is one of my main jobs as the stay-at-home mom/wife of this family.

I want my home to be safe.

And not just in the psychological sense, or spiritual sense but also I want our home to literally be physically safe.

I’m half way there, I don’t have a bunch of safety hazards to navigate.  No land mines lying about — so, that’s a plus.

But I definitely could step up the sickness prevention side of things.

Thus, the months salary spent on the hippy-dippy oil stuff.

(Truth be told I’m sorta a sucker for hippy-crap.)

We shall see.

The plus side of January is that we did get quite a few of things checked off our list.

We got a few rooms organized:

DSC_0034And I bought Adam, (with my own money, for the first time in seven years) a large shelf for his garage so we were able to clear out and organize that space for him as well.

I cannot tell you how much joy being able to actually buy my husband a gift brought me.

He is really loving having a garage again and has actually tackled a few projects around the house for me as well.


So, January wasn’t all bad.

And I know that February is going to be a rather full month for us as well: full of vacations, visits, holiday’s, our Little-Love’s birthday.

I’m just praying it will also be sickness free.

And speaking of birthdays, 27 years ago today this gem of a sister-in-law was born:


Isn’t she lovely?

Happy birthday, Aunt Pizza!

And Happy February to errr-body else!

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One Response to 2015 so far…

  1. Betsy says:

    aaaaaaw thank you sister!!! Love you all so much, let me know how the essential oils work I’d like to try to diffuse eventually.

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