Celebrating before the shizznet hits the fan…


Oh man. . . did I have a weekend.

And it’s a WHOLE big thing.

And I am going to write it all down because it is definitely something that has to be dealt with.

But first, I want to celebrate something specific.

This weekend I was away from my family and there was a defining moment when I realized that I absolutely HAD to leave.

I had to physically stand up and walk out. . .

. . .and I needed a ride.

My husband, without even being asked, (which is amazing on it’s own) loaded our two kids, dropped everything he was doing, and drove 3 and a half hours to my rescue.

Which is awesome,  and I mean literally awe-inspiring.

Then he called me from the road and said the most perfect thing:

“I’m proud of you.”

Which is even better.

We had spent BIG money on this weekend, so my husband being proud of me for walking out, even though it meant losing all that hard earned cash… that. is. amazing.

After he showed up on his noble-steed (slash truck) he spent even more money on a hotel room to give me the space to come down off of the emotional roller-coaster that has been the last few months of my life, culminating in the last few days.

and THEN!!

After a long drive home, I walked into my house only to discover this:

Adam had hired a friend of ours to build a storage bench in our entryway as a surprise Valentine’s day gift.

(And as luck would have it, I first laid eyes on this bench on February 8th, 11 years after our first date.)

This guy.  My gosh.

Obviously the bench isn’t done.  It needs hardware and paint, there are shelves to build and storage to finish, but the beauty is already there.

I was staring at this amazingly well timed and beautiful present when I turned around to come face to face with this other gift:

From my mom, for our wedding.

This is still my prayer, that God will bless my home, but it is also my truth.

God has BLESSED my home.

Tomorrow I will talk more about my experience this weekend and what it means for my future and my faith.  My sister is on her way over as I write this, and I’m going to spend today hashing it out with her, working all of this out in my brain.

But this morning I’m taking a moment to celebrate what I already know.

That my God is Good, that my man is GREAT, that my home is blessed, 

and that I’m going to be fine.

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One Response to Celebrating before the shizznet hits the fan…

  1. Mica Kucera says:

    You and your heart make me tear up. You are a blessing.

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