If these shoes could talk…

I’ve heard it said that you can tell a lot about a boy by the look of his shoes. . .

If these shoes could talk they’d tell you a story of boyhood and lessons,

Of skateboards, and bikes.  Of new friendships and soccer games.

They’d talk about lace-tying lessons, (and constantly being untied) driving the parents crazy but never bothering the boy.

They’d talk about being the very first “tie-shoes” for the very first part of the very first year of this young man’s very first adventures in school.  A whole new era, and these were the shoes that lead him on.

Oh these shoes.  I hated you. . . but I will miss you.

If these shoes could talk. . . I bet they’d have a lot to say to these other shoes:

Part two of “If these shoe’s could talk” coming ALLLLLLL too soon. Come on kid, at least give them time to come up with something to say!

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