Practice what you preach: Time to choose Joy.

I recently wrote a post about trusting what you know over how you feel.

So, here is me practicing what I preach.

  • feel like I will never be healthy again.  Oh, how I miss being healthy!
  • feel like maybe the appendectomy was my fault somehow.
  • feel like all these sicknesses . . . these long stretches of poor health . . . I feel like I could’ve done more to prevent it.

There it is.

That’s how I feel.

But, here’s what I know:

  • know that I will be happy and healthy and whole (ish not growing an appendix back anytime soon) again.
  • know that whatever caused my appendicitis was not something I did on purpose, and was completely out of my control, and there’s no point in stressing out about it now.
  • know that I am a good mom.  That I try my best to do right by my family.  And even the healthiest people in the world get sick sometimes.
  • This is our first foray into public school and I’ve heard time and time again that your first year is the sickest.  I know this.

Time for the Joy:

  • The positives are that my son actually hasn’t had to miss much school.
  • The positives are that my appendectomy happened before our big trip, on dry land–not on a cruise ship.  Can I get an AMEN?
  • The positives are that I got to see my community come out to support us.  As much as I hate feeling helpless, it did my heart good to feel so loved.

Ok.  So, I’ve acknowledged how I feel, I’ve checked it with what I know, I’ve found the positives.

It’s time to move on.  Time to choose joy.

Time to focus on the healing and forget what coulda been.  I’ve shed my tears about the past few months, it’s time to get excited!

Girl, you got a big, fat, romantic cruise to go on!!

Gosh, how pathetic to morn your appendix when you’re about to head out to sea with your man, right?

Anyhow . . . yeesh.

Welcome to a day in the brain of Trina Hobbs.  (I’m in a constant state of pep-talk most of the time.)

I’m gonna trust what I know, celebrate what I’ve learned, and get ready for my vacation with my love.

PLUS, spend today getting ready to celebrate the life of this beautiful angel.

Who blessed this world with her presence four years ago tomorrow.

My Little-Love, best friend I’ve ever had.

My reason to choose joy.

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