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Firsts and firsts…

Sunday was our first day on the river in 2015. It was also my first day trying out our new board—my Christmas present from my loving husband. Four short years ago we had a brand new baby, had lost our job, … Continue reading

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Are ya’ll fans of irony??

The other morning while sitting in the hot tub with my family I realized that I have the beginning of a plantars wart on the bottom of my right foot. Ew. This foot also is currently covered in blisters from … Continue reading

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new leaf…

I’m ready ya’ll. I’ve been sick, or having surgery, or taking care of other puckers since the start of the new year. And it’s almost April. I’m so so ready to get back to healthy. This morning I ran with … Continue reading

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we are not exactly fancy…

Today we say goodbye to yet another pair of my son’s torn-up shoes. These poor-babies barely lasted a month. I myself finally worked up the courage to toss a pair of shoes as well: (wonder where Cyclone gets it?) When Adam and I … Continue reading

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piano project.

First day of spring break ya’ll!! HOLLA!! Ok, enough of that. I recently inherited my mother’s piano and I immediately decided to personalize it just a bit. As much as I like the cover that the bench already had, it just isn’t … Continue reading

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almost spring…

It is a coffee drinking, scones eating, daffodil loving kind of “almost” spring morning. Celebrating.

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The simple joy of an unexpected letter.

The other day I opened the mail box and for once, my childhood letter-dreams were fulfilled. Oh the simple joy of an unexpected letter. When I was little I assumed that mail always consisted of notes from friends, brightly colored … Continue reading

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