piano project.

First day of spring break ya’ll!!


Ok, enough of that.

I recently inherited my mother’s piano and I immediately decided to personalize it just a bit.

As much as I like the cover that the bench already had, it just isn’t my style.

So, I got to work removing the seat and as I worked I realized something.

This wasn’t the original cover at all.

Well, what-do-ya-know?

It might seem strange, but discovering that my mom bought this piano and decided to personalize the bench, just like I received the piano and decided to personalize the bench. . . well, that warms my heart.

We even bend most of the staples, and cut the same corners with our design.

That woman is my soul mate.

Anyhow, I walked downtown to my friend’s fabric store, Tangle, and agonized over my selection.

My plan was to get a very classic fabric choice but I was with my beautiful, fun, wonderful, whimsy-filled little 4 year old girl, who talked me into getting something a bit more fun.

(Truthfully, I wanted a simple stripped fabric, she wanted an intensely floral fabric, so we compromised.)

Thus, the new bench.

Super easy project so I’m sure I’ll be changing it again in the (probably too soon) future.

I like switching up the accents.

I didn’t want to, but I’m glad I compromised with my girl.  She gets a little whimsy, and I get a refreshed bench.  I worked with my daughter, while thinking about my mother, it was a beautiful project.

Let’s see how long it lasts.

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