new leaf…

I’m ready ya’ll.

I’ve been sick, or having surgery, or taking care of other puckers since the start of the new year.

And it’s almost April.

I’m so so ready to get back to healthy.

This morning I ran with my girl and planned on doing a quick yoga workout before anyone woke-up. . .


(please excuse the bad form, I’d set up the shot and then ran to get into position so this was a little rushed, BUT the moment was real.)

I walked into the house after my run to discover my son was already up.  My husband left for his run and I got to work, quickly joined by my boy, and eventually my Little-Love squeezed in between us.  (notice the over-lapping mats, it’d be cute if it wasn’t so annoying.)

“KIDS! Don’t ask me questions while I’m trying to hold this pose!!”

Oh, I just want to get into great shape.

And I’m ready to do the work.

I’ve never really been an athlete.  I’ve always danced but as far as sports go I was never very intense.  No two a days for this girl.

So I’ve never truly experienced what “great-shape” feels like.  And I don’t mean look-good-naked, that’s all well and good, I look just fine in that senario–I mean, as long as there’s good lighting.  😉

This is not a self-esteem issue.

It’s about wanting to be strong, and fit.  It’s about wanting to be flexible and full of energy.

And now is as good a time as any to take that challenge.

Wish me luck, cause I’m SO ready to tackle this new life-style.

And friends, prepare to see me rocking mostly work-out clothes for the next few. . . years.

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