Firsts and firsts…

Sunday was our first day on the river in 2015.

It was also my first day trying out our new board—my Christmas present from my loving husband.

Four short years ago we had a brand new baby, had lost our job, and were about to enter into the hardest and most unsettled time in our marriage.

While alone on my board cutting through the middle of the Colorado River, I couldn’t help but reminisce about how far we’ve come, all that we have survived, and how truly, madly, deeply happy we are right now.

Just counting my blessings.

I took each child out for a ride, sometimes two at a time with our neighbor-boy, then my son commandeered my ride and took a little tour all on his own.

A first for him as well.

And just like that, he’s his own man.

I love this photo.

Adam took all of these pictures with his iPhone while rowing, but what they lack in quality they make up for in substance.

I just love the perspective of this picture, my eyes never left my son’s sweet form.  I am so proud of him, so in awe of the man he is becoming. . . of the man he is, but I’m not letting him out of my sight anytime soon.

Like I said, counting my blessings.

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One Response to Firsts and firsts…

  1. Betsy says:

    those legs!!! that’s what running does 😉 you look amazing Trina!!! bow-chick-a-bow-bow, can’t wait to hit the river with you all 🙂

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