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I don’t mean to brag. . . but I’ve had a pretty amazing morning. Trail run with some of the world’s most incredible women. And a beautiful sunrise, both outside and in. Happy Thursday! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

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fighting for space…

There’s been a convicting theme over the past few weeks which is simply that I need to make space for nothing. For stillness, for silence, for quiet. For nothing. I don’t remember when the first moment was.  Was it the … Continue reading

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This past weekend I went to a conference for women called, “If”. Named for the simple question, “If God is real, then what?” So, for two days I listened to women speak about what they’ve done with the calling on … Continue reading

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It takes work, (bout to drop some serious knowledge folks)

My birthday was on Monday. I’m 32. I didn’t really celebrate in a traditional sense; however, I did get to meet this little charmer: My new nephew.  I’m in love. I got a ton of birthday wishes via Facebook and … Continue reading

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Trying to be good at my job…

Yesterday I wrote about how content and at ease I am in this current stage of my life, and how I’m trying to take advantage of the time to check off a bunch of projects on my to do list. … Continue reading

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gettin’ er done…

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m currently enjoying my easies stage of parenting. No one’s in diapers, everyone sleeps through the night. . . (well, Adam and I still struggle with this, but at least the kids are champs.) … Continue reading

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oh, there’s the downside…

Yesterday I took 5 more bags to the Salvation Army. Not bad, not bad. I cleaned out my kids’ room while they were both at school and I took the bags out of the house before either was home so … Continue reading

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