End of spring break list…

1. This morning my husband is riding his motorcycle to work… how hot is that?

I guess some part of me has never gotten over my infatuation with the “Bad-boy”.  Luckily my husband is a good man in all the areas that count: Loves God, loves me, loves his kids, works hard, etc…

But he’s bad in all the right areas as well. . . wink.

2. I ran on a trail for the very first time on Saturday.

I was SO nervous.

I’m perpetually terrified of doing anything for the first time.

BUT, It was fantastic.

I went with 4 other women, bright and early on Saturday morning, and it was fabulous.  I hope we do it again. . . a bunch more times.

3. Spring break is over and it went out with a bang.  Yesterday Cyclone went back to school, Adam went back to work, I had JURY DUTY, which meant Little-Love had to go to work with her dad.

Yesterday was a weird day.

4. Cyclone has started taking piano lessons from the daughter of my former teacher, (she is also one of my dear friends from high school.) AND they practice on my momma’s old piano.

Be still my heart.

(This is also the woman I wrote this post about.  So happy to have her influence around my impressionable babies.)

5. On Sunday my Church took a big risk and hosted a very non-traditional Easter service.  I’ll write more about it tomorrow but I did want to say that I am both proud and inspired.

Sometimes it’s good to grab an idea and just let it fly.

More on that later.

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  1. B says:

    that picture!!! amazing

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