The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

So, around Christmas I allllllllllmost bought this title at the local bookstore. I had it in hand while walking up to the register, but right before I handed it to the clerk I stumbled across this other book:

And decided to buy it instead.  (My sister’s book, you should totally read it.)

ANYHOW, I did finally purchase my original choice a few days ago and I am here to tell you that I am SO-CRAZY-EXCITED-ABOUT-IT!!!

The book is:

And I read it all in one night.

I ate up so much of Marie Kondo’s philosophy—this book is a lot more about purging what we don’t need then it is about organizing what we already have.

And I even agreed with her on a spiritual level. . . at least in a way.  She spoke a lot about expressing gratitude to our things: Saying thank you to your house for giving you shelter, thank you to your coat for keeping you warm.

And I would agree with her strong belief in gratitude and it’s affect on our subconscious. However, I would choose to express that gratitude by thanking the one who blessed me with that house, that coat, those things:

“Thank you Lord for all of these”

Point is, I’m excited to comb through this house and purge all the stuff that’s getting in the way of our contentment.

Remember my post about my children’s “things” at Christmas??

I titled it: As the holidays approach I’m begging you, please don’t buy my kids anymore toys!!

And I included this photo:

Yup.  We have more then enough “things.”

Our “stuff” more often then not just causes us grief.

It makes us feel claustrophobic.

It makes us feel stressed with all the projects we haven’t gotten to.

It somehow makes us want more stuff.  We have all these things that we don’t need and then we purchase all these gizmos to help us store it all.

Then we spend our life working to pay for it all,

OR, in my case, PICKING IT ALL UP!!

Day, after day, after day.



This is my closet.  (Can you believe that I would show you this mess??) On Tuesday I pulled every piece of clothing that I own out onto the floor and I only put back the things that I really want.

Now I’ve combed through my closet before, but this time I didn’t hold anything back.

I didn’t keep it even if “I’d barely worn it.”

I didn’t keep it even if it had “been a gift.”

I didn’t keep it even if “it had cost a lot of money.”

I just said to myself.  “This has taught me a lesson, this has served its purpose, it is time to let go.”


I took ELEVEN bags of clothes to the Salvation Army.


Of only MY clothes!!

And I found a pair of my sunglasses that had been swallowed up by my endless stacks of clothing.


Today I’m tackling my kids rooms.  Then I’m hitting up every single random junk drawer in the house.

I am LOVING this!!!

Spring purging here I come!!!

And I’m holding NOTHING back.

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2 Responses to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  1. B says:

    nice Trina!!! 11 bags???????seriously???? lol you are so cute. Colton and I have been talking about all wyatts toys and I said just this morning that I was planning on going through them ALL and getting rid of like 60-80%!!! wish me luck!

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