oh, there’s the downside…

Yesterday I took 5 more bags to the Salvation Army.

Not bad, not bad.

I cleaned out my kids’ room while they were both at school and I took the bags out of the house before either was home so that there would be no evidence.  Easy-peasy right?


Everything was fine, until this morning when my kids discovered the bag of trash that I’d accidentally forgotten to take all the way to the garbage can.

A bag of toys that were literally unfit to even be given away.

Enter extreme meltdown tantrums.


“I LOVE THAT (broken) TOY!!”


It was not fun.

Nope, not a fun morning at all.

Let this be a lesson to you parents.  If you are going to join me in this extreme spring purge, DO NOT leave one shred of evidence ANYWHERE in the house.

Or prepare to hear about it.

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One Response to oh, there’s the downside…

  1. Oh my! Bless it – you had it rough! I am Konmair-ing my home this weekend while my husband is away. I do not have any children yet, but this little tid bit of advice will come in handy when I do!

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