gettin’ er done…

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m currently enjoying my easies stage of parenting.

No one’s in diapers, everyone sleeps through the night. . . (well, Adam and I still struggle with this, but at least the kids are champs.) (wink)

Homework isn’t too hard, friends aren’t offering my kids drugs.  Worries are few, chores are simple.

We are in a parenting sweet spot.

Because of this current lull in drama, my husband and I have decided to create our own and tackle a MULTITUDE of projects around the house.

(And by the way, by “my husband and I have decided” I of course mean that I’ve decided and am dragging Adam, kicking and screaming, along for the ride.)

Look at that, covered in paint and I hadn’t even finished my morning cup-a-joe.

We are currently doing the finishing work on our entryway.  Thus the black paint.

I am combing through my house looking for anything to give away or trash.

My semi-hoarder husband actually went through his clothing and gifted me with 4 whole bags to donate.  Not impressive when you compare that to my 11 bags, but when you factor in his stockpile tendencies — 4 bags, (plus one more full of broken hangers) is nothing to sneeze at.

We are also attacking the yard.


I’m very happy.

To some this all sounds like work, but I just LOVE checking these projects off the old wish-list.

For YEARS we have lived in limbo.  Moving and renting, never investing much into our real-estate.  I FINALLY have a beautiful, and a (probably) fairly permanent address, to play with.  We are secure enough to actually afford some of our dreams (albeit still in the DIY realm), and free enough, (without kids that are too young, or too busy) to really focus in.

I’m just so content.

Weird right?  That I’d use the word “content” to describe a time in my life that is over-flowing with projects.  But I am.


Content and gettin’ er done.

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