It takes work, (bout to drop some serious knowledge folks)

My birthday was on Monday.

I’m 32.

I didn’t really celebrate in a traditional sense; however, I did get to meet this little charmer:

My new nephew.  I’m in love.

I got a ton of birthday wishes via Facebook and text messages (which is truly beautiful.  One more reason to love social media.)

And I got a few complements, which is also beautiful.

I think I’m pretty good at receiving complements.

I try to always say thank you.

I learned a long time ago not to try and disqualify every nice thing said about you, we ladies tend to be pretty bad about that.

If someone said I was good at driving I’d laugh, but if someone said I was good at memorizing things I’d say, “Yuppers.”

I can handle a little praise.

But, I am also quick to explain myself.

Because I have also learned that often times folks complement the very things that they themselves wish for.

Need an example:

“You’re so fit, I wish I could get back in shape.” (sound familiar?)


“You’re so smart, I wish I read more.”


You feel me right?  I’m just as guilty of this kind of behavior as anyone.

“You’re so tall, You’re so smart, You’re so calm…”

I’ve said all these things. . . this week.

And so, I just want to say.  For the record.  Thank you for the complements, and that I work really hard at it.

I work out.

I work at it.


(If you’ll allow me a moment of real honesty.)

I’ve had work done.

(bum, bum, baaaaa)

Most of my close friends already know about this, I’ve really not kept anything a secret.

And I’m not going to go too far into all the gory details,

either explaining or defending,

but the simple fact is that no matter how hard I worked, my body just couldn’t bounce back from somethings.

No shame in admitting that.

So if someones says, “I wish my body looked like yours after having babies,”

I’m the first to say, “I work really hard, but you should know, I’ve had help.”

So, here’s me saying thank you for all the compliments on my birthday.

You are too kind.

And I do try very hard to stay on top of my health and fitness.

But just in case you’re complementing something in me that you wish you’d been able to achieve, you should know,

I’ve had help.


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