summer vacation…a list:

1. This morning I stood up from my comfy chair to kiss Adam goodbye and he said, “Wow, to what do I owe the honor?”  (apparently I’ve been letting him stoop down to kiss me without realizing the insult in that subconscious non-move.)

I’m going to try and stand-up for our goodbyes from now on.

2. Yesterday finally felt a little like summer.  The weather has been super rainy here, which is strange for this time of year.  I personally love the rain, but I also love a good sunburn, and greasy  sun-screened legs, and long showers after sweaty, sun-filled days.

Yesterday my family joined up with some neighbors and did an early morning river float. Half of it was cloudy and cold, and half of it was sunny.

Sunny enough for sunscreen.

This is us loaded back up in the truck, ready for the drive home.  Which was followed swiftly by naps, and luxurious showers, and a trip to the grocery store ALONE.

It was a pretty good day.

3. I feel a pressure to fill our summer break with lots of kid centered activities.  I am currently desperately trying to find the balance between stress-free, lovely, memory filled summer days, while not letting my children fall behind in everything else.

If my son doesn’t play competitive soccer at 6 does that ruin his chances of going to college?

4. Financially, we can’t afford to have our kids in all these extracurricular activities. . . especially if we wanna someday afford college.

Two edged sword, that one.

5. I have so many big ideas that I want to write about.  It’s to the point that I have so many topics  begging for attention in my brain that I get stressed out and don’t write anything at all.

I’m just gonna force myself to write something in order to keep the discipline up.

Deep musings or otherwise.

6. I quit my job.

7. I’ll write more about that too.

8. Last night I was summoned out of bed 7 times, (To pick up a daughter who had fallen out of bed, to help a son who had a nightmare, etc) all before 3 a.m.   My kids were wide awake at 6.  I’m a little tired.

9. This morning after kissing my husband goodbye, Adam took his coffee mug off the bathroom counter (where he usually leaves it) and carried it all the way to the kitchen sink.  After observing this I remarked:

“WOW, to what do I owe the honor?”


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