Out of the mouths of babes: “Love and War”

Like most parents I spend the majority of my day trying to avoid letting my children watching television.

During the school year I got into the habit of allowing my son to watch a show last thing before leaving for school.  Sorta as a reward.

If he managed to eat breakfast, wash up, get dressed, and pack up his backpack, he could spend the remainder of his morning time watching a show.  I felt like it encouraged him to get ready as well as giving him a small space to “rest” before his busy day.  (Side note, I’m convinced that my son had one of the hardest kindergarten curriculums there is.  I’m thrilled, but I definitely feel like his sweet little brain deserved some down time.)

All that to say, now that it’s summer break my son still wants to start his day with a show and I’m less then enthused.

This morning for instance, “Mom, can I watch a show?”

I say, “No, why don’t you play the piano first.”

(Piano’s done) “Mom, now can I watch a show?”  (I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee.)

“No, why don’t you go build me something awesome out of your legos.  And if you impress me, then you can watch.”

Well, prepare to have your mind blown folks:

At first when cyclone brought this creation to me I wanted to laugh.  This boy has serious lego building skills, he has built amazing jets and rockin-awesome dream houses before. . . what on earth is this dinky little thing.

(BTW, How cute is he all wrapped up in his blankie??)

I put down my book and scoffed a little, but my boy was not deterred, “It’s called a balancer.” he said.

A what?

“A balancer, watch:”

“See, it needs both sides in order to stand.”

“They belong together.”


Remember how I said “I put my book down”?

I was nearly speechless.

I gave cyclone more then enough kisses and hugs, then I sent him to my room to watch a show, because his creation had more then impressed me.

For the past few months I’ve been reading through the plethora of devotional books that I’ve been given.  You might recall that I went on a major purging binge and told myself to either read these dadgum books, or pass them along.  Thus, my new morning routine.

This mornings read was, “Love & War” by John and Stasi Eldredge.  And it just so happens that the section I was reading when my boy brought me this balancer was this:

Sometimes life is so sweet.  My son’s simple sentence, “They belong together.”

His gift of this balancer.

Well, it’s just simply beautiful.

I mean, look at those lego-pieces.  They have a similar foundation, put their tops (or heads) are made of entirely different things.  One simple, one complex.  One is mostly empty (there’s a joke in there somewhere) the other is packed tight.  PLUS, if you notice, my boy positioned both pieces off center on their little connector.  Each piece teetering precariously on the edge.

Man-oh-man.  I could analyze this moment for days.

Neither side is better, neither one is “more right”.  They are perfectly matched.  Designed by their creator to balance. . . to “belong together.”

Just like Adam and I. . . Just like a marriage.

Two pieces designed to be different, but the same.



Yes, Cyclone, I am definitely impressed.

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