Disney World.


Did we have a vacation.

It would take me way too long, and it would be way too boring to go into everything we saw, the gist is: we saw and did a ton, it was hot, it was wonderful, and I’m glad to be home.

We visited “The Magic Kingdom” (three times) “Hollywood Studios”, “Animal Kingdom” (also Thrice) “Epcot” “Downtown Disney” (twice) plus multiple trips to the boardwalk and the pool, movies on the beach and multiple fireworks displays.

It was big, and full, and fun.

But, by far, my favorite moments were these:

Getting to hold my tired, happy, sleepy, beautiful babies.

My cup runneth over.

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One Response to Disney World.

  1. chelby10 says:

    Beautiful. We plan to take our baby next year…. He will be 16months. I can’t wait.

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