My in laws are in a band and they have this bit they do when they are on stage.

They introduce each other and then say a few words about how long they’ve been married.  (35 years, y’all.  Can I get a hand for my in-laws, please.)

Then it goes something like this:

James:  Yes, 35 years… you know, people often ask us what the secret is to a long and happy marriage and I always say the same thing.  One night out a week.

Cindy: That’s right.  Every week for 35 years we’ve made a point of taking one night out.

James: Without fail.

Cindy: That’s right…

James: My night is Wednesday and she takes Friday.

(buh dum bum)

Welp, last night Adam and I fulfilled this sad joke by going to the movies.

We watched, “The Martian” which was fun.

Except my handsome husband sat alone in the theater while I fed the kids dinner, then I went to the show while he put the kids to bed.

Oooo, be jealous y’all.

Then we talked about the film this morning.  So it’s almost like a date. . . right?

We are life imitating art right there.

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