January Resolutions

This year I’ve decided to give myself resolutions one month at a time.  I believe this will allow my goals to be more manageable, measurable, and give me a little more incentive to get them done.

setting goals1

It goes without saying that I always need to workout consistently, eat healthy, drink water, get enough sleep, and have a focused prayer time.  I’m not writing any of these into my monthly plan because they aren’t temporary or ever done.  They are a life style that I will continue to pursue and fight for, new years or not.

I’m breaking my month plan into these categories: Financial, Fitness, Spiritual, and Project.

So without further ado:

My January 2016 Goals:

Financial: I want to have $200.00 in a savings account by the end of January. . . Side-note this also means I have to open a savings account.

Fitness:  I want to be able to do the splits, all three ways.  This might appear to be a cop-out since I can basically already do the splits off the couch.  But I’ve NEVER been able to do the center splits, and my left-leg splits are definitely weak, to say the least.  (Before pictures to come tomorrow.)

Spiritual:  Re-read the book of John.  I also want to pray openly more often with my kids.  That second one is harder to track, but it goes without saying that I could always do more.

Project:  Make a headboard for our guest bed.

EEEEEEKKKK!!  I’m kinda super excited about this new, broken down, system.  Wish me luck, and share with me some of your goals so we can cheer one another on.

Let’s make 2016 great!



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One Response to January Resolutions

  1. I like the idea of breaking it up bit by bit over the year, good luck all the best for 2016.

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