So, starting point, plus a list:

My previous post was about my January goals.  A quick recap is:

Financial: open a savings account and build up $200.00.

Fitness: Be able to do the splits

Spiritual: Read the book of John.

Project: Make a headboard.

And, as promised, my “starting point splits”

Gotta say, these photos are incredibly embarrassing.  I definitely didn’t think I was as far away as I am.  But never the less.

Here they are:

Excuse the poor picture quality.  I was yelling at my son, “Not yet, wait.  Let me get, oh gosh.  Ok now, now, NOW!  UGH!! Did it work?”  (I look at a blurry picture of half my head and the ceiling.)  “Ok…again.”

As for a savings account: I plan to open one tomorrow.

Read the first two chapters of John today while drinking tea in front of the fire.  Not bad, not bad.

Haven’t done anything with the headboard yet.

Boom. Progress.

Also, on a completely unrelated note.  Adam opened his downtown office today which meant he actually walked to work this morning.  Three whole blocks.  Yippee-Yahoo!!!

Also, Also.  This year Adam turned 34 and we celebrated with some friends in Vegas.  Adam is now older then my biological father ever got to be.  This fact blows my mind.  Every photo I have of my dad is him YOUNGER then my husband.  It puts into perspective just how truly tragic my father’s death was.  So young.  So sad.

I for one hope to make the most out of growing older.  A privilege denied to many.

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