least relaxing, but most productive, 3 day weekend ever.

We had a full, productive, fun, exhausting weekend.

I can’t sum-up.  It’s too much.

As you know, my family, plus my in-laws and our friends, have bought an income property a few towns over.  And as beautiful as it is, it needs a lot of work.

We made plans to spend all day saturday at the house but that morning my darling daughter woke up puking.

Oh dear.

I sent the boys off to the River House and the girl and I cleaned up a bit.

Little-Love appeared fine so I got her dressed and we swung by a princess birthday party that she’d been invited to, then ran over to the river house.  (She puked again at a  restaurant we’d stopped at to pick lunch up for the crew.)  So, after I cleaned that public bathroom, (uh, yuck.) I got her to the new place, got her comfy and headed to the beach to help the others clean.

We cleared for hours.  We were dirty and tired.

Then we spent our very first night at the new house.  YAY HOORAY!!

The next day, (Sunday) we worked at the beach again.  The property is river front but it has been seriously neglected.  There are countless dead trees and over-growth that has to be sawed down and hauled away.

It’s some rough work.  Most of the over growth is Russian Olive and has SERIOUS thorns.  We are covered in scratches and bruises, (including our faces).  My friend stepped on a thorn that went all the way through her boot and lodged in her foot.  OUCH!

After our second day running the chainsaw and abusing our bodies we left and I ran to the store to pick up another birthday present for a sweet daughter of a friend who was also a little one I used to have in Sunday-School.

I went to her party covered in sawdust and smelling like. . . nature.  And sweat.

I practically feel asleep watching her open her gifts.

Then it was home to shower and watch the last of the Bronco game.  (Which we won, by the way.)

I attempted to put my kids to sleep at 6, but they weren’t having it so I put on a movie and began to wash the dishes.

Then the plumbing under my sink decided to burst and my kitchen flooded with nasty sink water and I spent the next hour mopping it up.

My husband walked in somewhere during all this to tell me that our truck wouldn’t start and he’d had to jump it. . . again.  (Both our cars have decided to stop working at the same time.)

I was crashed out on the kitchen floor at this point.

Sleep was so sweet.

This brings us to yesterday.  We were back at the River House, cleaning the inside up.  Organizing and preparing for an estate sale.  Buying supplies for the house, making plans, work-work-working.

It should be said that the kids handled it all rather well, but by the end of yesterday we all were at our wit’s end .

My kids had lunch meat and cheese for dinner.

We booked our very first reservation for the River House.

My son lost another tooth, which meant I had something I HAD to remember to do. . . you feel me.

My girl puked in her bed at 1 a.m. and the two of us “slept” together on the couch.

I am pants-less and exhausted and SO EXCITED about this new adventure.

A full, and fun, and productive weekend.  With many, MANY more to come.

Hoping the puking is over, that my sink gets fixed, that we find working vehicles AND that the River Fun is just beginning.




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