2016 one month in. . . you look like I need a drink. (wink)

As I write this I’ve just woken up from a middle-of-the-day nap.  Which is secretly my very favorite activity of all time.

I’d love to be the kind of person whose favorite thing to do is mountain bike up the side of a cliff, or run casual half marathons for fun.  But no, not even reading is more fun for me then napping.

Side note, I love the phrase “took a nap” as apposed to “fall asleep” cause, as any parent knows, sleeping as an adult is super difficult.  I feel like sleeping has become an aggressive choice.  I take naps now like a thief in the night.  Almost sneaky like.  

“Kids, wanna watch a show?”  

I grab tiny moments between loads of laundry and snack making.  Between buying the vegetables and washing them.

Stolen moments.

I take naps.

Like a boss.

What made this morning’s nap particularly beautiful was that I took it with both my kids.  All three of us, asleep on the same couch in our cozy living room.

Today is Cyclone’s very first snow day and it was GREAT timing.  Cause January rocked us, so February beginning with an unexpected vay-cay is a super good idea.

I hope it’s a sign that February will slow down.

In January, we all were sick quite a bit.  We’ve spent every weekend working HARD on the River house.  I had events happen in my world that caused me to question EV-ER-Y-THING.  Which lead to a great deal of weepy, sleepless nights.

(I told you sleeping was hard.)

Another theme that ran through the undertow of January:

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” -Dolly Parton

I think being myself is often a hard choice for me.  More because I still don’t know who I am.

One thing I’m sure of is that I am a peace-maker down to my very core.  It’s a good thing, I’m proud of that.

But, it also means that my personality often bends and shifts based on the folks I’m surrounded by.  Each person I get around changes and shapes the way I interact.

Finding my role in new groups can be difficult.

As an all-grown-up-now woman, I keep trying to focus on finding myself in these moments and then owning whatever I choose.  It’s hard to explain but it’s even harder to live.

No wonder teenagers struggle so much with their identity, I’m twice their age and I still can’t figure myself out.

Tomorrow I’ll post more about my February goals and update you on my January successes and struggles.

For now I wanted to give a quick PSA on my first month as a non-drinker.

First, it was incredibly smooth.  I could easily see myself never having a drink again.

Second, the only time it would be nice to have a drink is when everyone else is.  When we closed on the River house and cracked open a bottle of champaign.  Or when we are out to dinner and you want something special.  This is especially obnoxious because I have never liked soda.  I need to figure out what my “festive” drink will be for the year.

But, other then feel like I want something different then tea and water, being a non-drinker has been easy.  One month down, eleven to go.

Thank you for the support.


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