So… a semi-non-successful first month

I made a goal to not drink any alcohol for the year and one month in I’ve done well.  Remember this fact as I admit all my other less successful feats.

Goal #1:

Financial: open a savings account and build up $200.00.


I did open a savings but only managed $100.  I’m going to have to figure out how to continue to eat healthy while reigning in my grocery budget.  Or just accept that our grocery bill is larger then I’d like.

Goal #2:

Fitness: Be able to do the splits all three ways.


I am definitely able to do the splits on both legs now.  Not a particularly impressive accomplishment seeing as I was basically doing them already, and both still feel tight.  My center splits got precisely zero percent better.

Goal #3:

Spiritual: Read the book of John.


I’m only half way through.  Somehow in all the craziness of buying the River house and working daily on fixing it up I plumb forgot about this goal one week in.  What’s that tell you about the current state of my spiritual life.  YIKES.

Goal #4:

Project: Make a headboard for the guest room.


Welp, the wood I was going to use to create my headboard are now being donated to the River house which needs way more help then my guest room does.  So this one wasn’t entirely my fault.

–Did I mention that I didn’t have a single sip of alcohol all month???  Remember that.  I did accomplish something.


After that rather pathetic reality check lets add insult to injury by making new goals for February.

Financial: put another $100.oo in my savings account.

Physical:  continue to work on the splits and add in working on wheel pose, also known as a back-bend.

Spiritual: Finish John and continue my morning devotions.

Project:  River house.  Just, wow.  No projects outside of the River house for a while.  Guys. . . yikes.

So there you go.  Lets agree that starting the year with a rough month is not a bad sign for 2016.  Okay?

Cause, I mean, at least I stuck with my whole “no alcohol” thing. . . right?



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