Ash Wednesday, at its finest…

Adam challenged me (without meaning too but I read into his casual statement like a true-blue female) that I tend to abstain from things that are relatively easy for me to give up.  Things like alcohol for example.

Anyhow, we were eating dinner with a friend who also doesn’t consume alcohol and my darling loving husband mentioned that if I really wanted to exercise some discipline then I’d give up sugar.


Bum, bum, baaaaaaa.

Oh my goodness, I love sugar.

This friend, the one I was at dinner with, the one who also doesn’t consume alcohol, she and I then went into detail about how much we LOVE lovelovelovelove sugar.  In all its forms, but pie and cookies are particularly high on the list.

Followed by ice-cream,


all forms of chocolate…

But I digress.


For lent I am officially abstaining from Sugar.

Lord help me.  I know you sacrificed your life for me and that sugar is embarrassingly small by comparison, but I am still not looking forward to it.

Wish me luck and let me know if and how you’re participating in this preparation for our Resurrection Celebration.

Looking for some solidarity folks.



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