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somebody to love…

Before I make you all think I’ve lost it, let me just say that I haven’t gotten any tattoos. . . (yet.) I also haven’t drastically changed my hair, or run away and joined the circus. Bear that in mind as I … Continue reading

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Last night I demanded the truth.  I’d been spoon fed a watered down, glossed over version and I decided that it wasn’t enough. I demanded it all. In the final moments before the man behind the curtain was revealed I was … Continue reading

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safer to jump…

My daughter is a member of the world’s cutest gymnastics team.  During her hour long class the coach will often climb up onto the balance beam and  demonstrate how to carefully traverse its length.  Usually, when she is half way across, this coach … Continue reading

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Broken Hallelujah: Thoughts on failure and heartbreak

This year has had one distinct and crushing theme. Heartbreak. I have made a terrible habit of ignoring the still-small voice inside of me, what some might refer to as “women’s intuition” but I believe to be the Spirit of God. … Continue reading

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