healing through torture

In my last post I mentioned that my husband and I have been going to a personal trainer.  She gives us impossibly difficult workouts, that we complete together, and it is crazy healing for us.

It is hard, and good, and crazy hard, and incredibly good.

Welp, along those same lines–another thing I’ve been doing to heal is visiting with a counselor and sitting in the “Vo-Cal” also known as “The Chair.”

(Bum, Bum, Ba…)

And “The Chair” is as torturous as it sounds.

It is a hard wooden seat set on top of a platform of magnets, and it vibrates uncomfortably.   If that wasn’t enough you are also wearing strobe glasses, intense music is pumped through headphones, and another magnet sits on top of your head.  It is a total sensory over load and you sit like that, feet flat on the floor, hands on the armrests, for up to 7 minutes at a time.

My last chair session lasted for an hour and a half.

It was intense.

My counselor guides me, a few minutes at a time, through some of the harsher emotions that I’m carrying around.

He asks me to feel abandoned, to feel lonely.  He asks me to get mad, to feel all the anger.  This last time he asked me to allow myself to be the victim.  (BTW, I HATE victim mentality, but I probably needed to face those yucky emotions at some point.)

dread sitting in that chair.  I dread it like I dread leg-day.  Like I dread the dentist, or … I don’t know… a mammogram.

BUT, I feel so much better once it is over.  I’ve heard that “The Chair” is also referred to as “The Accelerator”.  It sorta kick starts and speeds up the process of healing those deep, down, dirty wounds.

And the word, “accelerator” is like music to my soul.  I will do anything–ANYTHING!–to speed up the process of healing.

Some people drink their troubles away.  I torture mine out of me.

I sat in the chair on Wednesday and it’s been the best week I’ve had in a LONG time.

I feel so much lighter–like I can breath easier, and sleep better.

And as hard as it is to sit through, I am so grateful for the healing.

I suppose I feel about “the chair” the way I feel about working out with my trainer.

I hate it, but I love it.  It’s hard but it’s healing.

And I would highly recommend “the chair” to anyone who hates avoiding the elephant in the room.

I am the very opposite of a procrastinator.  I like to get stuff done and I hate avoiding conflict… even when I’m simply conflicted with myself.

Lets get this over with already, right?

Before we started my counselor asked, “Are those lights too bright?”

To which I responded, “Nope, crank it up, lets do this.”

Alas, he explained that I could risk having a seizure if I over-exposed myself to the strobe lights, so I eased off a tad.

Any-who.  If you’re looking for a way to torture yourself into health may I suggest the Vo-Cal chair experience.

It’s awful, and completely worth it.

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