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My name is Trina and I am in the process of changing . . . hopefully for the better.

I am the kind of person who is ALWAYS looking for a change.  I LOVE new beginnings.  Most of my changes are small and easy: constantly changing purses, or bed spreads, or moving around furniture–while other changes run much deeper: like trying to start a new habit or desperately trying to break a bad one.  In college I had a reputation for changing my major, 8 times to be exact.  While this didn’t necessarily hurt me, it is a rather shockingly high number.  Looking back on my life it’s funny that my tendency to desire change didn’t actually occur to me until recently.

While I seek out new beginnings in most areas of my life there are certain aspects that I hope never change.  The first and most important is my faith.

I am a GOD-fearing Christian woman and I don’t see that going anywhere, anytime soon.  No apologies.


Secondly, my gorgeous, awesome, wonderful, hot-hot-hot husband.  Even I wasn’t aware of just how lucky I was when I married him.  And, as time has gone by, I have only gotten more pleased with my decision to hitch my wagon to his.

We have been blessed with two very perfect children and a beautiful, happy life together–I want nothing about it to change.

(Although, part of me wants the stork to drop off some babies for me to love, but don’t tell my husband that, he’d flip.)

I day dream about new adventures all the time, new homes, new hobbies, new decorating styles.  In my world, faith and family stay constant, everything else is negotiable.

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