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What I can control. Living a life of purpose.

A few years ago my extended family trudged through a very hard year.  There was a lot of heartbreak and hurt feelings and through it all I had a small realization: I can’t not control anyone or anything about this … Continue reading

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A DIY Christmas Gift Idea.

First off, I have to give credit where credit is due.  I did not make this, my sister-in-law did. My sister-in-law, who is not only beautiful and kind, but is also incredibly talented, (she’s in a band called “Poet’s Row” … Continue reading

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my spot, my spot, my spot!!!

I picked up my chair yesterday, and it was GLORIOUS!! I circled it three times, curled up and claimed it as my own. I called in my neighbor-boy to show him, I texted pictures to my family, And we baptized … Continue reading

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What my momma taught me, an 8 year gift.

8 has always been my favorite number, and I have a lot of dates that have an 8 association. For instance, my son was born on June 8th of 2008, my daughter was born at 8:16 at night, and August … Continue reading

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babies, books, stolen rocks…lessons from the weekend:

1. There’s nothing like being in the presence of new life: Meet Emmeline Rae, my dear friend’s new baby girl, and my current obsession in infant form. 2. Sometimes there are beautiful gifts buried in otherwise unpleasant packages: As much as … Continue reading

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a SUPER early birthday present: (seriously, my birthday isn’t until the end of April)

On Friday my husband asked me out on a date; I was excited, but I had no idea what all was in store. He let me know about an hour before we were set to leave that I should dress … Continue reading

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Boys and Girls: A Lego Study…

My son LOVES his Legos. But, his sister’s never really gotten into them. I try to encourage her, but she just hasn’t shown any interest. So, for her birthday we bought her “girl-themed” legos.  This particular kit consists of larger … Continue reading

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