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Showing up:

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. How wonderful these past 6 years have been now that Little-Love is in the world. But like all holidays since finding out the news: I was dreading her birthday. Mostly because my sweet girl just … Continue reading

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haircuts, and the contagiousness of bravery…

I have a friend who helped inspire in me a life-change, and I don’t think she has any idea. This friend, (I’ll call her Wendy. . . because that’s her name.)  always had long, luscious, beautiful blond hair. And then … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to our very first friends…

Yesterday was a special day.  We had surprise guests come through town, we got to see my nieces, and most importantly, we got to visit with our friends one last time before they move. One of the hardest things about … Continue reading

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Well, stick a fork in me and call me “June Clever”.

Today was intensely awesome in the most wholesome and darling of ways. It should have all happened in black and white.  With some sort of whistling theme music… It started in the usual way, with coffee and breakfast.  Which quickly … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Thankfulness

Gifted farm-fresh eggs that turn into delicious breakfasts. Silly girls that dress themselves in batman shirts and pink-pony pants. Toddler hands clutching graham cracker crumbs. Silly faces and Happy mornings filled with visiting friends, messy living-rooms, and Frozen sing-a-longs. Color me … Continue reading

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thought I was gonna write something sad, but then I couldn’t

Yesterday I got SUPER bad news… I was gonna write about that.  Then my sister called me with SUPER good news that negated my super bad news, leaving my writing about said sad news, simply pointless. YAY, for pointless sad … Continue reading

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